Projects with experienced leaders are proven to succeed, but the appropriate resources are not always on staff, available or affordable, leaving many projects open to risk of failure. Venture Drake provides experienced CTO level leadership & delivery to ensure your project is a success in any or all of the following areas.

Project Requirements

Every project has stakeholders, each with their own set of requirements. We ensure the process extracts the right information and documentation that will set up a successful concept design phase.

UX / Prototyping

Online has transformed the way users, customers and clients discover, buy, and engage with products and services. We work with you to create innovative prototypes for user and customer experience testing.

UX Writing

Sometimes the problem is simply the wording. The wrong signposting, sentiments or tone affects customer traction. We review your assets, customer set and business objectives to provide you the right content strategy.

Design (Branding)

Components of good design include discoverability and understanding, which must be visible and communicate the correct message. We focus on branding design to drive better digital customer experience.

Technology Stack

Technology is core to business operations and more often than not seen as a critical success factor. We help navigate the overhelming amount of technology solutions, whether already available or bespoke.


Where did all the budget go? Development is the biggest expense associated with a technology project. We help correctly manage resources better during development, reducing overall project risk and budget overruns.

Roll out & On-boarding

Beta release or full production ready to go live? This is the exciting phase, but only if it’s done correctly. Our services help you with taking things to market for your users, customers or clients.

Updates / Monitoring

It’s no longer a project, it’s part of your business. We offer to help maintain and nurture your new project through the operational lifecyle in your business with various monitoring, security, bug and performance reporting tools.

Digital Marketing

Now you have a great product, platform or service, we help navigate the minefield of digital marketing strategy, SEO, SEM, social, marketing technology, analytics, partnerships and integrations available to help grow.

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