A new way of resourcing technology leadership

What we are about

Changes in technology dictates the performance of all businesses today, making success dependent on the correct technology leadership.

Venture Drake was established after founder Andrew Drake noticed a disconnect between enterprise level technology service providers and organisations that don't have the requirements for a full time internal CTO on staff.

We facilitate business of all sizes and at any stage of their technology set up to have a CTO on board as and when they need it.

For a day a month or as long as the project requires.

Some areas we help our clients in:

  • Automate business outcomes and reduce operational overheads.
  • Automate, simplify and streamline sales and approval processes.
  • Achieve a unified user experience across financial application and approval processes.
  • Streamline business operations to achieve better operational effeciency and a more unified customer experience.
  • Design and implement the right technology stack from the get go.
  • Strategy to update or replace poorly performing legacy systems.

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